Porter’s value chain model and competitive advantage in the oil industry in Kenya

The task of any business is to deliver customer value at a profit. In a hyper competitive economy with increasingly rational buyers faced with abundant choices, a company can win only by fine-tuning the value delivery process and choosing, providing, and communicating superior value. Porter’s Value chain is a model used to study the activities that are performed in the creation of a product or service by an organization. These activities add value and cost in the process of creating products and services.

Demand for heavy commercial vehicles in Kenya

Despite measures taken by the government to address the ever increasing demand for heavy commercial vehicles, the demand for the same remains high. Due to the high costs involved in the purchase of heavy commercial vehicles, there has been a paradigm shift from importation of fully assembled units, to local assembly and most recently to leasing which is considered by many to attract less cost.

Attracting foreign direct investment to Kenya: Does the law fit the bill

This study begins from the assumption that Foreign Direct Investment {FDI)l is important for the development of any country and more so for a developing country like Kenya. Based on the foregoing assumption, the study seeks to examine the law as one of the various factors that influences the flow of FDI into any country and the extent to which the prevailing legal regime of a country would influence the choice of a potential investor.

Challenges of strategy development at brackenhurst Kenya Limited

Effective strategies develop in all kinds of strange ways. They can show up in the strangest places and develop through the most unexpected means. Strategy development in organisations is an important unavoidable process that needs to be properly managed. Managers have at times been faulted for being obsessed with planning instead of emphasizing the most important processes with regard to strategy development. Lack of planning and analysis on the other hand would make strategy development susceptible to preferences of individual managers and to wishful thinking.

The relationship between monetary policy and growth of real estate in Kenya

The study was conducted on the relationship between monetary policy and growth of real estate in Kenya. The objective of this study was to establish the relationship between central bank’s monetary policy and real estate growth in Kenya. The study used a descriptive research design, by examining the relationship between CBR policy and growth in real estate. The data points ranged between January 2004 to December 2013 by taking the monthly data for the research which had 10 data points. Data was analyzed using a multiple regression model was used to analyze the data.

An analysis of land use potential in arid and semi-arid areas: - central location, isiolo county

Arid and semi-arid areas are part of the global ecosystem that completes the whole. Despite their aridity conditions, ASALs are endowed with a variety of resources ranging from fertile soils, minerals, oil, wildlife, and rivers among others. The maintenance of land productivity in these fragile environments is a particular concern for many countries with large portions of their land in arid areas. This study which has been contextualised in Isiolo, Central location aims at analysing the land use potential with the aim of ensuring optimal utilisation.

Effects of financial innovation on the financial perfomance of deposit taking saccos in Nairobi County

Financial performance is a subjective measure of how well a firm can use assets from its primary mode of business and generate revenues. In recent times Sacco’s are facing cut throat competition stemming from the new players that have entered the market for financial services. This study therefore gives a clear insight on the financial benefits enjoyed by Saccos in the event they adopt various financial innovations and the entire benefits accrued in terms of the organisational profitability and sustainability.

State self help under international law: the American invasion of Panama

In December 1989, a contingent of American Navy, Airforce and Marine Commandos numbering 24,000 invaded the tiny Central American Republic of Panama and in a matter of few hours knocked out the superficial resistance offered by the Panamanian forces, General Antonio Manuel Noriega, who sought refuge in the Vatican Embassy in Panama, was persuaded to giye himself up to United States authorities after a two week negotiation period, flown to the United States, was charqed with money launderlnq, racketeering and drug trafficking. He was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence.

The role of financials in savings mobilisation in Kenya with reference to Kenya post office savingd bank 1960-1978

This study looks at the role of financial institutions in savings mobilisation in Kenya with particular reference to Kenya Post Office Savings bank (KPOSB). The hypothesis to be tested is that the KPOSB through its social objectives has increased the .level of savings. These social objectives ~re a wide geographical distribution, a low minimum deposit rec::.uirement and large number of OiI•1.ces. Savings have been said to be a constraint in developing countries. Due to lack of data, theories on how to raise savings in developing countries have not been formed.

A survey of the product diversification strategies adopted by firms in the banking industry in Kenya

The banking industry in Kenya faces diverse challenges. One of the major challenges is the dynamic competitive environment in which they operate. This has compelled the banks to use various growth strategies like product diversification to achieve a sustainable competitive edge. The objective of this study was to establish the extent to which commercial banks have adopted product diversification strategies, determine the benefits of employing such strategies and the challenges faced thereof.