Strategic responses to competitive challenges adopted by Access Kenya group

Njeru, Kawira N (University of Nairobi, Kenya, 2010)
Enterprise IT - Information Technology SEACOM -Southeast Asia Commonwealth Cable TEAMS -The East African Marine System MB - Mega Byte ICT -Information and Communication Technology Table of Contents CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION...
of Information Technology in almost all areas of the economy in Kenya has grown tremendously. The internet business has been one of the greatest developments within the Kenyan economy and the world over. Wim and Lawler 2007, noted that the world is going...

Environmental flow assessment using HEC-EFM and GIS: A case study of Kibos river

Wakitolie, Wakjira Umetta (University of Nairobi, 2013)
), especially John Hickey, for directly assisting me during program test and provision of valuable materials for the research. I would like to convey my gratitude to all staff of the Kenya Marine and Fish Research Center Kisumu Branch and Kenya Water...
of literatures have been referred to such that all aspects are covered  Attempt was made to work with relevant department in the Kenya Marine and Fish Research Institute, Kisumu Office, while developing eco-hydro relationship July 2013 Page 11 of 132...

Photosynthesis and related processes of two mangrove species: rhizophora mucronata and ceriops tagal at Gazi Bay, Kenya

Mwangi, Paul-Matthew (1995)
values may show that mangrove formations are more productive than most marine or terrestrial communities. Moreover, a substantial part of the world fish production depends on mangal ecosystems and local shrimp production is also very significant...
attributed to the declining trend in marine fish production owing to the destruction of fish breeding grounds. This has particularly been so in the north coast of Kenya while overcutting has been the major cause in the south coast of Kenya (Kigomo, 1991...

Challenges of internationalization of business operations by medium size manufacturing enterprises in Nairobi county, Kenya

Ndolo, Millicent A (University of Nairobi, 2015)
management further across the firm. 1 CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Growing globalization of national economies through trade and investment, increasing internationalization of production through multinational corporations, together...
in the international market (Bowman, 2006). This has come about as a response to the forces of globalization which have led to integration of world economies. A number of Kenyan companies have decided to internationalize to protect their local dominance as well...

The Impact of Farmer Training on Farm Output In Homa Bay, South Nyanza, Kenya

Tie study concerns itself with the role of extension education to the small holder farmer. The study is based on Han a — Bay Fanner Training Centre, South Nyanza District, Kenya. It was postulated as a basis for research that a number of factors influence ar.all holder production, among which extension education wa3 singled out for a detailed Btudy.

The relationship between investment decisions and financial performance of small and medium scale enterprises in Limuru town, Kenya

Making an investment decision is one of the most important business decisions that a firm has to make for it to be competitive and efficient. The small and medium enterprises sector being a vital sector in the economy there is a great need to study the relationship between investment decisions made in those firms and the financial performance. The study aimed to achieve this goal and its objective was to assess the relationship between investment decisions and financial performance of small and medium scale enterprises in Limuru town, Kenya.

Role of public diplomacy in pursuit of Kenyan`s national interest

The attitudes and perceptions of foreign publics affect the ability of the country to form and maintain alliances in pursuit of common policy objectives; impact the cost and the effectiveness of military operations; influence local populations to either cooperate, support or be hostile as the nation pursues foreign policy and/or military objectives in that other country; affect the ability to secure support on issues of particular concern in multilateral fora; and dampen foreign publics’ enthusiasm for business services and products.

Regional integration in east Africa, its challenges and lessons from the European union integration

Regional integration is common place in the contemporary world in which a group of States deliberately come together to pursue a common purpose. Interest in regionalism is both a response to and as a consequence of emerging trends in the global political and economic order1. Hans Van Ginkel defines regional integration as the process by which States within a particular region increase the level of interaction with regard to economic, security, political, social and cultural issues.2 It is a shift of certain national activities towards a new centre.

The impact of Tanzania-Zambia railway on development of Mbeya District

The rail transport 1n Tanzania is closely related with the history of economic development in the country. role The railways have played a crucial .in the location of economic activities and in transporting commodities from the production zones to be exported to foreign markets. With the more government programmes aimed at increasing agricultural productivity ln the country, the rail transport 1S required to provide more and efficient serV1ces to meet the demand in transportation.

A Study On The Effect Of Virtual Teams On Competitive Advantage, A Case Of International Business Machines (IBM) In Airtel Africa Project

Virtual teams are quickly becoming a standard organization structure as more and more organizations globally are investing heavily in their systems, processes and people to create an environment that effectively supports virtuality. The question that remains unanswered is that despite these investments in virtual teams, has it enhanced competitive advantage. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of virtual teams on competitive advantage in an organization, with a case of IBM – Airtel Africa Project.


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