Influence of water hyacinth on livelihoods of the riparian community of south west Seme location, Kisumu county, Kenya

The water hyacinth, a free-floating perennial aquatic plant native to tropical South America, is suffocating Lake Victoria, the second-largest fresh-water lake in the world. Since its emergence in Kenya, the water hyacinth has been a menace to the riparian communities, causing several problems. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of water hyacinth on the livelihoods of the riparian communities around Lake Victoria, focusing on South West Seme Location in Kisumu County.

The Kenyanness of Kenyan Literature." In The Nairobi Journal of Literature. No. 13. March

This integrative review on the teaching of reading in Kenyan primary schools provides a foundation for the growing movement there to improve reading education. In gathering sources for this review, we took an inclusive historical stance. Thus, we did not dismiss research reports that lacked traditional indicators of quality such as being published in peer-reviewed journals. We used multiple methods to find relevant research and associated documents, including two trips to Kenya.

Dual citizenship in Kenya: a case for its provision under Kenyan law.

In Kenya, whether to make provision for dual citizenship in our Kenyan Constitution or not has been the subject of much debate. This was seen more clearly in the deliberations of the delegates involved in the process of reviewing the Constitution of Kenya between 2003 and 2004. Delegates were divided into two camps. There were those for and that are against its provision in the New Constitution. It is worth noting, that Kenya has been reviewing its current Constitution for the last two years. Allowing dual citizenship has been one of these contested issues hence the debate.

Effects of Kenyan culture on foreign employees within airtel networks Kenya ltd

The study sought to determine the dynamism of Kenyan culture as experienced in social settings and also in the global world of business. The study looked in to how foreign employees with in Airtel Networks K Ltd are impacted by the Kenyan culture during their tenure here by collecting primary data through the use of questionnaire. It was evident that the expatriates when they relocate to Kenya are faced with cultural differences and they have to orient themselves to the new culture to enable them cope with the differences.

Strategies adopted by Dahabshiil Kenya to gain competitive advantage in money remittance services

Money sent home by migrants constitutes the second largest financial inflow to developing countries, exceeding international aid. Those receiving remittances often experience an improvement in their economic standing, whether they are family, friends or the wider community. Remittances can also promote access to financial services for the sender and recipient. Kenya is making headlines and emerging as a globally recognized leader in financial inclusion.

Management of foreign exchange reserves through quantitative controls: The Kenyan Experience

Most non-oil developing countries have in recent times experienced foreign exchange reserve shortages and deficits in their current .accounts implying that they import, more than they export. One of the major reason s for foreign exchange problems in these countries is the unfavourable international trade position in which they find themselves in.

Effects of Green Marketing Practices on the Non Financial Perfomance of the Kenyan Airlines

Environmental problems are of great concern in today’s society and most of the Airlines are investing towards a green economy by adopting green marketing practices that have less detrimental effects to the environment in their day to day activities to improve organizational performance. This study therefore sought to establish the effects of green marketing practices on non-financial performance of Kenya Airlines. The aim of the study was to attempt to answer the following questions: to what extent has Kenya airlines adopted green marketing practices?

Infectious abortion and associated risk factors in dairy cattle farms in Nakuru district, Kenya

Agriculture plays a significant role in the Kenyan economy. According to estimates, 15% of the total farm revenue in Kenya is generated from livestock products, of which 3.5% is from the dairy sector. Several factors, however, hamper productivity of the sector. These include feeds, husbandry, marketing and animal diseases among others. Reproductive diseases limit the dairy industry from achieving optimum efficiency.

Challenges faced by family bank limited in servicing diaspora remittances

The contribution of migration and immigrants to the development of countries of origin is increasingly receiving attention, especially as the volume of remittances from migrants worldwide has sharply increased in the past decade. As Kenya gets increasingly connected to the rest of the world and more Kenyans move abroad to live, work or study, remittances are becoming an increasingly important revenue source for both the government and commercial banks in Kenya. This study therefore sought to establish the challenges faced by Family Bank Limited in servicing diaspora remittances.

Potential and constraints of public debt as a tool for economic growth

This study set out to establish the potential and constraints of public debt as a tool for economic growth. The study used secondary data for a time series of 1980 to 2010 using an error correction model. The study findings indicated that there was cointegration among the variables in the long run. Results also indicated that in the long run, public domestic debt has a negative but insignificant effect with GDP growth rate. The results also showed that in the long run, external debt (ED) has a negative and also insignificant relationship with GDP growth rate.