Evaluation of strategic planning at Kenya Wildlife Services

Strategy is a company’s game plan and provides a framework for managerial decision
making. Strategic planning is the entire management function of establishing
organizational direction, setting objectives and devising a managerial game plan for
the organization to pursue (Thompson and Strickland, 1989). Its components are
linked together to provide managers with a systematic method for formulating,
selecting, implementing and evaluating strategies.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of strategic planning at
Kenya Wildlife Service. The study was based on establishing how Kenya Wildlife
Service carries out monitoring and evaluation of its strategic plans.
To meet the objective of the study, a case study design was adopted. The respondents
were selected from top management, the scientists and researchers and corporate
planning section. Primary data was collected using an interview guide while secondary
data was collected from the organization’s strategic plans, annual reports and website.
In data analysis, content analysis technique was used.
The findings of the study were that KWS has met most of its strategic goals and
objectives through an effective process of formulation, implementation and evaluation
of strategies adopted. KWS pays keen attention to its internal and external
environment while monitoring and evaluating its strategic plans enabling it to easily
adapt to the changing environment.
On limitation, this study relied on self-reported and reflective recollection of the
indicators of the constructs in this study by employees who volunteered their time to
participate. The perceptual nature of the study brings the possibility of a percept
bias and being a case study there is room for speculation with regard to causality among variables. A restriction of respondents to management staff also
restrains the findings.
The study recommends that there is need for more studies in the various industries
representing diverse demographics in an organization. More research in different
educational backgrounds is recommended so that causality can be fully established.
-College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) [23120]