Perceptions of top management on performance appraisal at the Kenya Ports Authority

The performance appraisal system of any organization is a vital component of the health
of the whole business cycle. The maritime industry and KPA in particular is not an
exception to this view. This industry offers employment both directly and indirectly to
the east and central Africa population. The increasing significance of performance
appraisal processes and performance management systems is of fundamental importance
to the performance of any organization. Thus what gets measured gets done. The overall
objective of the study was to determine the perceptions of top management on
performance appraisal at KPA. This study was guided by various theoretical reviews.
This was a case study research. The study was conducted through a census of top
management at the KPA.
The study used primary data which was collected using questionnaires and interview
guide. Descriptive analysis was used to analyse quantitative data while content analysis
was used to analyze the qualitative data. The study established that proper use of
appraisal systems is of great value to the business organisation. The study also
established that tangible targets and linkage of targets to direct reward motivates staff to
perform tasks efficiently. KPA should adopt performance management systems. The
study identified balanced score card as the most popular tool for appraisal process. The
other recommendation by the interviewees are the combination of appraisal tools such as
combining balanced scorecard and 360 degrees feed back, combining rating scale and
balanced score card, combining balanced score card and performance prism